About Eskara1862

Eskara1862, real name Melanie, has been a member of the online pony community since early 1999. In that time, she has developed a deep knowledge of and love for ponies. While she' s only been online since 1999, she's collected ponies since 1986, when she was 3 and received First Tooth Baby Quackers as a birthday present. The collection has since been fed by gifts, flea markets, and thrift shops and now numbers somewhere in the mid-hundreds. An exact number can't be known because ponies are constantly moving from the sale box into the collection and vice-versa!

Selling ponies on eBay led Eskara to discover a passion for helping others find what they are looking for. She regularly sells at flea markets and toy shows in addition to the online sales.

She always has about a dozen projects going at once and somewhere around 80% of them actually reach completion. Why focus on one thing when you can do a hundred?

Life motto: Smile! It makes people wonder what you're up to.