There's something extremelys satisfying about taking something damaged through years of love and making it beautiful again. Be it a My Little Pony that a dog chewed the ears off of or a warped action figure accessory, I can fix it. The pricing below is for My Little Pony restoration as that is what I most commonly receive requests for. If you have something else that you would like to have fixed up, please feel free to contact me for an estimate on pricing and timeframe for completion.

Examples are available in the Restoration Gallery.

All costs provided include labor and materials.


Basic: Surface cleaning, hair washed. Does not include detailing around symbols/cutie marks $10.00
Thorough: Cleaning inside and out, bleach/vinegar if needed to kill mold, detailed dirt removal around symbols/cutie marks, tail rust removal (if needed), hair styling $15.00


There are two methods for rehairing, the Needle and Floss Method and the Tool Method.

1-10 plugs: tool method
2-10 plugs: needle and floss method $8
Additional Plugs: Each plug beyond the first 10 $0.25
New Mane: Single hair color for a G1 or G3's, tool method
New Mane: Single hair color for a G1 or G3's, needle and floss method
New Mane: Single hair color for a G2 or G4, tool method $15
New Mane: Single hair color for a G2 or G4, needle and floss method $20
New Tail: Single colored tail $5
Additional Hair Colors $1.50

Hair Styling

De-frizzing: Standard pony
De-frizzing: Super Long Hair pony, Fashion Style, reall bad frizz $10.00
Loose Curls (one or two curls for mane, one for tail)
Detailed Curls (Rainbow Curls, Candy Cane Curls, Prescious Gem, etc) $10.00

Paint Touch Up

Minor- Scratched cutie mark, small eye rub
Major- Missing cutie mark, complete symbol repaint
Twinkle Eyes: Irridescent recoating
Symbol Re-glittering: Both sides $10.00

Warped Parts

Straightening $5.00

Ink/Paint Removal

Please note, it is not always possible to fully remove all types of staining and some removal processes may leave a white spot, especially on a blue or purple My Little Pony. This can also be a very long process dependng on the time of year.

One area $10.00
Each Additional Area: $1.00


3D symbols/cutie marks
Body Parts ears, horns, etc. $20.00