Favorite Feedbacks

Over the years, I have had some feedback that just makes me sit back and say "Wow, what a great customer!" These are a few of my favorites. Additional feedback can be found on the MLP Arena, Etsy, or eBay.

From: Liger
Date: Jan 4, 2012
Item Purchased: Rainbow Dash Planner

Feedback: (This was actually a letter sent to me!) Thank you for the planner! I've been wanting one for awhile now. Extra thanks for the cute little note and the Twilight Sparkle! They are adorable!


From: xsebrof
Date: September 30, 2011
Item Purchased: Custom White Princess Celestia

Feedback: I wanted to leave more detailed feedback on your fantastic custom white Princess Celestia than was allowed by the feedback limit. She was everything I expected and then some; I am in giddy awe of the beautiful detail work you've done. I especially like what you've done with her shoes and hair, the sublime painting job truly makes all the aesthetic touches stand out. the Derpy drawings on the box, and the message within were a lovely addition that gave me an utterly irrational yet completely pleasant sense of joy. I cannot rate you highly enough to express my happiness.

All the best


From: zyrinkain
Date: December 30, 2011
Item Purchased: Fluttershy Planner

Feedback: Maker contacted me before sending it out, so I knew when to expect it (holiday caused a slight delay). It's really cute, refillable (so I can use it FOREVER!) and high quality. Plus, there was a nice personalized thank you note in the envelope, and the envelope had a cute drawing of Twilight Sparkle filling out a checklist, which was a nice personal touch (and made me laugh after a bad day at work). I ever need to order a new one, this will be the first place I go to


From: Bee-chan
Date: August 13, 2009
Item Purchased: 2 G1 ponies

Feedback: I purchased two G1's in EXCELLENT condition from Eskara. Shipping was SUPER fast, communication was top notch, the added little extras in the box were a great idea, and the packaging was VERY secure! She made sure these ponies had a VERY safe ride to my house.


From: Focalor
Date: January 4, 2008
Item Purchased: 2007 Comic Con Superpony

Feedback: Eskara1862 is an awesome seller! I was lucky enough to buy a 2007 Comicon Superpony from her and everything went smoothly. Two days later the pony was here. I highly recommend her and hope to have the pleasure of buying from her again. :)