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Pinkie Pie Re-Hair

Carcina of the My Little Pony Arena sent me her childhood Pinkie Pie for some new hair. This is the finished product 🙂 I love the darker color she chose! Now, Pinkie reminds me of G1 Mail Order Cotton Candy.

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Posted on January 19th, 2018 at 7:34 PM

alicornmoonstar: Fun fact: G1 MLP and I are both turning 35 this year o.o Same.


Fun fact: G1 MLP and I are both turning 35 this year o.o


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Just a heads up Patreon has plans to change their pricing model and its caused a lot of users to drop donations


I thought I should explain this on this blog because this is the only blog I have that regularly gets monthly patreon donations and its good to spread this information.

Patreon slammed after pitching fee hike as boon for creators

I’m not here to encourage you to donate or not donate to my patreon for this blog, I just want to explain what’s going on:


If you like my blog and want to continue donating to me, I’m grateful, but if not I can also understand that. I’ve already lost one monthly donor this month, probably because of the change in structure which heavily punishes those who make multiple donations.

If you want to support my Canadian Politics blogging you can do so here.

If you think these proposed changes will hurt your chances of supporting my blogging in the future, I can look into other websites I can use instead. I’ve seen patreon users online who are already losing a fair amount of monthly donations due to this:


If you could share this so other Patreon creators are aware of these coming changes I’d appreciate it. This has the potential to negatively effect a lot of artists, bloggers, and creative people online who depend on donations just to survive.

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They don’t care about the public’s opinion anymore??? Are you shitting me??? Isn’t America supposed to be a democracy where the people have a say in the future of this country?? They say they won’t listen to opinions anymore.


ps: i know I’m being obnoxious with all the unnecessary punctuation and all caps but i need to get the message across.

edit: someone asked for a source so here:

I absolutely agree with rephrasing the letters and redoubling efforts but as cathartic as it is to send letters directly to Ajit Pai, it’s misdirecting useful energy. He is about as anti-net neutrality as it is physically possible to be and even if you are a lawyer and you send perfectly phrased legalese to him, he is not going to change his position. The key here is to send messages to people that can potentially be swayed. 

Mignon Clyburn

Michael O’Rielly 

Brendan Carr

Jessica Rosenworcel 

These are the other commissioners of the FCC. Please, aside from your senators and representatives, email these people and let them hear your voice.

(x) This is a link to the leadership page for the FCC, under each name is a tab where you can email them directly, please take the time to do so if you can.

FYI, I had a couple of posts tagged net neutrality scheduled to go out over the last couple days but they somehow never showed up? I’m suspicious now that they’re being censored. Keep an eye out for this.

this literally just happened i’ll post the screen cap in second

here’s the post @lioness–hart just put up 

here’s what happened when i tried to reblog

Error Code: OCP02 [Post Not Found]
does this violate current net neutrality itself? like censoring posts like this …

It sure does. Big companies have been censoring content and voices for years, but without net neutrality they’ll basically be getting paid to do it en masse. It’ll get way worse way fast.

My letter to FCC commissioners O’Rielly and Carr:

Commissioner O’Rielly (Carr),

I am a writer, an independent content creator, a novelist. I use the internet daily to sell and promote my books. If Net Neutrality is dismantled, I may be subject to censorship, slow upload times, or even forced to pay so people can see my content.

I rely on the Internet to survive. It is my sole source of income. With your proposed “regulations” you are putting me in real financial danger. I hold you personally responsible, Commissioner O’Rielly (Carr). I refuse to pay or lose the online presence I’ve worked years to maintain. The Internet is a human right at this point in history, not a privilege for those who can afford it.

Rae D. Magdon
Gainesville, FL

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lolafsvoice: Friendly reminder that this hell site is owned by…


Friendly reminder that this hell site is owned by Yahoo, a company who are now actively advocating for the death of Net Neutrality.

Friendly fucking reminder that the site is actively forcing users to unfollow the net neutrality tag after 20 or so minutes of following it.

Friendly reminder that this site is now actively trying to limit our ability to share information and spread awareness.

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mlp-merch: CYBER MONDAY DEAL: This exclusive 6″ MLP…


CYBER MONDAY DEAL: This exclusive 6″ MLP Glitter Pinkie Pie Seapony + Gummy set is now 80% off and ONLY $9.99! Hurry and check:

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anosci: nightmargin: Here’s another exciting round of “I hope…



Here’s another exciting round of “I hope the internet doesn’t blow up”! Rumor has it that you use the language of MONEY you might get people’s attention faster, so here goes nothing…

Call your reps:

Fax your reps: 

text ‘resist’ to 50409, follow instructions

Send stern email to the FCC:

  • Ajit Pai : 

  • Michael O’Rielly: 
  • Brendan Carr: 

(You can use my template (3rd image) if you want, just swap out the name and state and whatever else applies to your business model. Make it personal!)

pretty much yeah

my personal bullet points:

  • I run a small business online
  • removing net neutrality will limit my customer base
  • liming my customer base is a great way to kill my business
  • you don’t want to kill small businesses do you

also maybe worth mentioning: Portugal already did this. We / America can do better. (Patriotism etc.)

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starsprincessjavert: ladytygrycomics: frauleinpflaume: For artists who have problems with…




For artists who have problems with perspective (furniture etc.) in indoor scenes like me – there’s an online programm called roomsketcher where you can design a house/roon and snap pictures of it using different perspectives.

It’s got an almost endless range of furniture, doors, windows, stairs etc and is easy to use. In addition to that, you don’t have to install anything and if you create an account (which is free) you can save and return to your houses.

Examples (all done by me):

Here’s an example for how you can use it

Great find, thanks!


Bless you!!!!

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Here it is: Best stuff first

Extremely handy if you follow a lot of people and hate missing anything good. 

Best Stuff First moves the best stuff on your dashboard—mhm!—right up to the top. 

It’s rolling out this week on iOS and Android, and comes with this Help Center article.  

Thanks! ✌️

Head’s up folks! Tumblr decided to shit the bed and go non-chronological!

This bullshit is being rolled out this week and it’s going to be default!

This is dangerous and manipulative.

The main reasons for these “algorithms” that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have rolled out are manipulating what people see. Content they want you to see gets pushed to the top, anything threatening to their interests gets quietly tossed to the bottom so you’ll be too tired or bored to see it.

I can see this seriously messing with the livelihood of artists, so please reblog if you can!

This may be part of why I get people saying I don’t come up on their dash anymore. I wouldn’t put it past tumblr to exclude nsfw blogs from this feature.

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Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of decoden and polymer clay questions about what to use to as a gloss/glaze. Almost every time the first response is “Clear nail polish, duh!”.

This needs to stop if people want to be creating quality items. Sometimes I’m afraid to buy handmade things for fear that they have been sealed with clear nail polish and they will deteriorate over time. I want to buy things that will last!

I’ve reblogged this before – but it’s sooooo important. crafting signal boost 

Oh jeez, I didn’t even know that was a thing. No – never use nail polish thats a horrible idea. 

Everything in the image above can and WILL yellow, with epoxy resin being the worst (seriously, ever seen a old tabletop with pennies or newspaper clippings in the clear stuff? and said clear stuff is very yellow? that’s old epoxy resin.), and the best being, off the top of my head, Mod Podge.

To put it another way, when I am being a professional artist, I don’t use any of those in anything I sell. Ever.

If you can use a water-based coating, or need no smell or brush application, try acrylic Gloss Medium. Liquitex brand is easiest to find – places like Michael’s carry it.

If you need solvent-based coating, and/or you need to spray it, use one of Krylon’s **Gallery Series** clear sprays. I use these and I like them, but they stink like holy hell – even dry, the art needs to air out for several weeks.

Krylon is tougher, for items that may be touched. Acrylic medium tends to be soft – there are ways to make it harder, but for the moment I am sticking with products that are pretty easy to lay hands on.

If you need a matte finish, look for Testor Dullcote – it’s also pretty easy to find, (Michael’s or Hobby Lobby), look in the model train section. It is also tough, but be warned – it is MATTE. It will dull your colors, but if you want a velvety/soft look instead of a “plastic” shine, it’s good stuff. It is a spray can and also extremely stinky, so use with care.

I will add that Modge Podge tends to be a little tacky in high humidity, so if the piece is going somewhere with potential for high humidity you may want to choose something else.

Also if you seal with gloss medium, don’t leave it on newspaper or any kind of printed material to dry. Gloss medium can be used for xerox transfers, which are a lot of fun, but you probably don’t want ink/toner permantly transferred to your jewelry/sculpture/whatever.

Finally, the Krylon you get MUST be the gallery series in a colored can.

The cheaper Krylon in the white cans will yellow over time.

My favorite fixatives are Sennelier’s HC10 universal fixative and Golden’s Spray varnish. Both are expensive, but worth the price for stuff that I’m selling or putting in shows and even when I was doing big pieces the cans lasted quite a while.

Whatever spray fix you use, a fine particle respiratorator is a must, NOT A DUST MASK, an actual respirator like this one:

Dust masks kill particles, not fumes and with all of these products you’re breathing in acrylic resin in vapor form. Your lungs will not love you.

Also if you ever have someone tell you you can seal something with cheap hairspray I want you to go buy a can and beat them with it. I don’t care if they are your art teacher. Cheap hairspray is no better than nail polish.

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