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Please be aware that this site is still in the development stages. There will be many additions coming in the near future, including a gallery of customs and a Pony Finding Service. More pretty pictures to distract you will also be appearing soon. For now, I suggest you have a look around in the store or maybe stop by the blog to see what mess I've gotten myself into this time. If you buy something from me, I'll give you chocolate!

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Calendar of Events

Trotcon- June20-22, Columbus, Ohio

My Little Pony Fair and Convention- July 11-13, Nashville, Tennessee

BronyCon- August 1-3, Baltimore, Maryland

Commission Que

  • Rene97- Sculpted Hair Trixie
  • Terrene- Chrysalis Blind Bag
  • GoldenDragon1991- Cutie Mark design
  • CB- Blind Bag Pegasus


Beach Ball Restoration

Ah, Sunshine Ponies. How I love their bright colors and UV Reactive hair! How I hate the texture of that color changing hair and how terribly it frizzes. This pony was tricky to clean; if you use soap or shampoo on the color changing parts of the hair, it will stop working. I sort of learned that lesson the hard way on one of my sister’s c...


  • TheNewGrayMare fairytalejello:


    Bowtie :D isnt she adoreble??

    Aww. Super pretty. Totally makes me think of Bowtie from Rescue at Midnight Castle.

    fairytalejello: sugarcuppony: Bowtie :D isnt... | The New Gray Mare
      27th January 2015 17:17
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    they’re both facing the same direction but does it look like i give a heck.

    Such cuties! :D

    fairytalejello: hereitscool: they’re both... | The New Gray Mare
      26th January 2015 17:17
  • TheNewGrayMare You can probably find a lot of great resources at thefanfichelp, including their resources page.

    As for specific guides:

    A (Beginner’s) Guide to Fanfiction (off tumblr)

    New to Fanfiction? - destielfanfic

    Guide: Why People Write Fanfiction - writing-questions-answered

    Fan-Fiction: How to Write a One-Shot Fanfic - writing-questions-answered

    Tips for an Aspiring Fanfiction Writer - youlighttheskyfanfiction

    Avoiding Mistakes in Fanfiction Writing: A Beginner’s Guide (off tumblr)

    Ezn’s Guide to Writing (Fan)Fiction (off tumblr)

    Definitions of Common Fanfic Terms - fuckyeahmerlinfanfic

    Dawn’s Fanfiction Beginner’s Guide - david-tennants-little-fangirl

    Tips for Writing Fanfiction - thesherlockfandom

    So You Want to Write a Smut Fanfic - lyraeon

    A Guide to Fanfiction - thebandficlibrary

    How to Write Almost Readable Fanfiction (off tumblr)

    Tips for Writing Better Fan Fiction (off tumblr)

    Why I’m Not Going to Read Your Fanfic (off tumblr)

    10 Tips for Writing Fanfiction (off tumblr)

    Quick & Dirty Guide to Improving Your Writing - novacorps

    Fanfic and Original Fiction: Switching Writermodes - puelhathnofury

    Cooldude104’s Guide to Writing Fanfiction - fuckyeahmarysues

    Advice: Legality of Fanfiction - writing-questions-answered

    I also found quite a bit of fandom-specific guides for fanfic, so if you need help writing for any particular fandom feel free to come back! I hope that list helps you.

    Hey, I was wondering if you had a tag, or could...
      25th January 2015 17:17